Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Part III

So we took off for Richard's parents where we visited with his folks and brothers. This was sorta a downer because 1) Richard's nephews weren't there because their mom is, well, their mom and 2) The computer speakers we got Richard's parents wouldn't work with their computer and 3) The girls each got 3-4 toys! Do the math: that's about 11-12 new toys in my house! Insane!

Argh... I might have time to finish this post eventually! TO BE CONTINUED!
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Kalyn said...

I have 19 new toys at my house and only one kid! I'm going a little crazy!

Amanda said...

lol...AND you are lucky that so many people don't read your blog because my family and in-laws would be all up in my grill if I posted anything like this! lol. I'm jealous.

We had a good Christmas, not too many toys...but no DVDs or CDs which I REALLY wanted for her. Grrr. And no pretty church dresses, which was kind of surprising, but that we sort of "needed."