Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Part III

So we took off for Richard's parents where we visited with his folks and brothers. This was sorta a downer because 1) Richard's nephews weren't there because their mom is, well, their mom and 2) The computer speakers we got Richard's parents wouldn't work with their computer and 3) The girls each got 3-4 toys! Do the math: that's about 11-12 new toys in my house! Insane!

Argh... I might have time to finish this post eventually! TO BE CONTINUED!
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Christmas Part II

Christmas: The girls didn't get up until my parents showed up close to 9 am! I guess they were tuckered from getting home so late as well. I however was too excited to sleep any longer so I got up around 7:30 am. Put make-up on and everything, so I wouldn't look like the zombie I felt like in the pictures! Went out to the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, measured out the ingredients for the cake icing and just piddled around the kitchen - made a Chai latte of course!

My most precious memory of the season was Riley running out of the bedroom, telling me it was Jesus birthday and that he lived in her heart. Richard had been chatting with her in bed, but regardless it was adorable and made me super excited.

The girls were ubber excited about mixing the icing and icing the cake. They did a fine job! After they licked plenty of icing we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Then it was present time. Eventhough, we spent a lot of $ on Christmas this year it didn't appear that way and I enjoyed our small but fun present exchange. Highlights: Richard got an iTouch, me a Nikon D40, we all got the Wii (that we got as a kicker when we bought our computer in August), and the Wii fit. The girls got Barbies, Wii Dora game, and of course their My Little People Play Family House. There were other gifts - clothes and such. Their favorite gift tho: the little make-up kits I got them from Claires! Lol!

I almost forgot Gigi - Gigi's favorite gift would be the ball pit (that was actually Evelyn's when she was 1). She LOVED it! Yes, I realize I regifted, but honestly, she loved it! And there was no point in spending $ on something else when I already had something she would love :)

After the present exchange we fixed a big yummy breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage, and bacon! My family bid us fairwell, Tyler was excited to play his new Wii hunting game. And we got ready to head out the door to Richard's parents. Whew! That was all before noon.

(To be continued).
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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Wow! Did we have a nice Christmas?! We got too many presents - I sorta feel guilty. It was a little bit crazy. I actually boxed up two boxes of unopened toys last night and the girls didn't even realize they were missing today. I'm gonna have to cut the grandparents off next year. It's such a touchy subject, but my girls love cute clothes, shoes, DVD's etc that don't take up room that we don't have in our tiny, tiny house. Of course, there are some toys that they've outgrown that can go to Goodwill... But still.

Here was our Christmas:

Christmas Eve: Feast of the 7 fishes at Aunt B's. This was yummy as always. Then we went to church at 8pm! I would like to say that it was a wonderful worshipful experience for me, but I spent the whole time passing notes with the girls using the pew envelopes and prayer cards in order to keep them quiet so everyone else could worship.

We got home from church at 10:30 and Gigi and Riley were already sleeping, and we managed to get Evelyn to sleep fairly soon after that. Of course, we were up til 1 am putting out gifts, stuffing stockings, last minute cleaning, and baking the Birthday cake.

Christmas: (to be continued)
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Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I had a really stinky day yesterday and today - work related. Then this afternoon, I get a phone call from one of my student leaders mom. The conversation started like this "I've been debating all day whether I should call you..." Immediately, my heart sank and I almost started crying. But I pulled it together! Here she had a concern about one of the programs we were doing (that was legitimate) and wanted me to know! I so appreciated her courage in bringing the concern to me directly. She encouraged me and told me she wanted the program to succeed.

Then I almost started crying again because I am overwhelmed by the support that I get from my friends, youth parents, volunteers, and even the kids themselves! Just love it. Praise the Lord!
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Here ya go

So, I just wrote a really long post that I'm not going to post. So, here's a curtosy one :D
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Why I work out!

The top 10 things that motivate/inspire me to work out:

1. My belly.
- I know it's vain. But 3 kids later, it's not exactly a 6 pack.

2.My husband.
- I like it when he's attracted to me. (My hubby is the greatest and has always loved my body even while topping 180 in pregnancy, but still).

3. Sex.
- Enough said.

4. My kids.
- To keep up now and keep on later.

5. My appearance.
- It's not about being hotter than the next girl. But I do feel it's important to portray an image that says you respect and care about yourself.

6. The Biggest Loser.
- I love that show.

7. I like it.
- I like physically exerting myself. The more physical the better. In particular, I like most things outdoors, except jumping off or out of things. Hiking is probably my favorite.

8. Camp Presmont.
- The summer Evelyn was 10 months old, we directed jr high camp and I couldn't walk up the hill without stopping. I made a pact with myself that I would play capture the flag the next year. And I did :)

9. Overweight people.
- I don't envy them.

10. I like to food.
- Don't get me wrong, I do watch what I eat, but I really like food. In particular, I like all things dairy. Lasagna (with lots cheese)? Yes. Ice cream? Yes. Grated cheese on my salad? Yes. Cereal with milk. Yes. Ooo. Read the previous 9 again...

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