Monday, November 23, 2009

From the Mom Hat

So Gigi is about to start Potty Training 101. This includes recognizing our bodily functions, introduction to the toilet, seeing what our poop looks like, seeing that poop is supposed to go in the potty and then gets flushed. Toward the end we also start sitting on the potty in the morning and after naps to see if we can pee on the potty! This is followed me acting like an idiot, giving her oodles of praise! This is an intro course so we still always wear a diaper. Potty Training 201 starts circa 18 mos.

So as I'm starting to potty train #3 I'm thinking this should be a breeze. I've trained Evelyn (by 2) and Riley (by 2.5). Evelyn was easy to day-train but didn't night train until around 4. Riley was hard to train (we had some serious issues) but night-trained at the same time she day-trained. But then again ... Who know?! We'll see what Gigi has in store for me.

It's been a long, tiring weekend. Richard has been gone since Saturday morning, so it's been nearly three days of him not helping me. It's actually gone well. But I miss him and I am ready for him to be home.

I'm really, really looking forward to his 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving! That's it. The end.
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

YW Musings

I've been frustrated with myself lately. I know - KNOW - that you can't measure the success of a ministry based on numbers. But lately I have been. I've been letting the my yw mood be set by how many kids are showing up to things. This is horrible because it's one big crazy rollercoaster. I'm so frustrated with the schools - parents - and everyone else who think that Glee clubs and basketball teams should be - and in their world are - more important than being involved in the church! Just once - I'd like to see a parent encourage his child to miss a practice to go to a youth event! So, so frustrated, and even more frustrated that I am frustrated.

I guess I should say something profound here. Something deep about how God is sovereign, good, and bends everything to His will. But I really, really want to have a flourishing youth ministry. One where teens meet Jesus, grow in their faith, and then share that faith with others. I want something radical. I want other adults to catch that vision and ask what they can do to help. I want to see people thristing for Jesus instead of getting drunk of the wine of their choice. But above all that - I'm just tired.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, I can't tell you for sure that it's not a placebo effect, but I've been taking a magnesium/calcium supplement for 4 days and have noticed a significant difference in my anxiety level. I took the chaste tree berry for 3 days, but everything I read about says it takes 3 cycles to work and it was giving me throbbing headaches (I knew this was a side-effect), so since I was noticing a difference from the magnesium, I decided to drop it for now.
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I feel like such a slacker today. I got up, got the girls breakfast, cleaned for 30 minutes, read my devotional, read them a few books, then I watched two epidsodes of Biggest Loser, hence the reason I feel like a slacker (but my interet was actually working fast enough to watch and Richard wasn't here need on the computer), finished my newletter, and cleaned for 35 more minutes. And, it's only 4 o'clock.

Geeze. Gotta start dinner and finish this laundry! This is my life. And here's where I remind myself that I have a Father who loves me and I live under His grace :D
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Depression, Supplements and PMS

I don't care if you're a guy and read this, you just may not want to, lol!

So last month, I had an anxiety attack, I blogged about it pretty openly. I'm not ashamed of it; I've come to grips with the fact that it doesn't make me crazy, but here's the deal: I've decided to explore what's going on with me rather than live in solitary confinement like I used to do in the past!

I also had an anxiety attack in Virginia this summer on vacation and I cautiously noted the similarities. They were:

PMS (both attacks actually occurred on Day 15 of my cycle)
Caffeine (I had two cups of tea on the days, more than my usual one)
Worn-out (When Richard is in school, I pretty much have to be super-Kendra because he really has no time to help me)
Run-down (I had slight colds - upper respiratory)
Tired (More tired than usual, hence the reason I would have two cups of tea!)

So as day 15 of my cycle approaches this month, I'm anxious about being anxious! I'm worn-out, tired, and run-down, so it looks as if my only hope is avoiding the caffeine!

We have all been sick lately. Fevers to colds to who knows what else! Well, last year as I was researching yeast infections (because of Gigi's persistant one) and I discovered the most wonderful thing ever: Collostrum! I don't know if my girls had swine or not, but they all carried fevers for less than 24 hours and caput! No more! I really attribute this to my shoving Collostrum and Activia (probiotics) down their throats (nice Mommy, I know). They love it. And, as this swine thing intensifies I started giving them Elderberry syrup as well. It's yummy in milk.

So, I've really been considering going to the doctor and getting meds for this depression/anxiety/PMS thing I have going, but I thought, if Collustrum and Elderberries can fight Swine Flu maybe there's something for PMS and anxiety. So I got on my good friend Google and did some research. I found an interesting article and I'm going to try a Calcium/Magnesium supplement, Chaste Tree Berry and Omega-3's. I'm also going to detox. Whew! I'll keep you posted.