Monday, September 27, 2010

The Valley

This past weekend we had our 10-year high school reunion. We had about a 20% turn-out. I honestly don't think that is that bad of a turn-out. But I was disappointed with the number of people who live locally, who have jobs and homes and contribute to society, who didn't bother to come. Anyway, I was thinking about why they didn't come and it got me thinking about stigma of "staying in the Valley." I wonder if that's why some people didn't come. I don't necessarily think that they're embarassed that they stayed, as much as they thought others, who left, would think that we're not doing anything with our lives because we stayed in this place.

I guess to both parties I'd like to ask, "What would happen if we all left?" It's already called the "great brain drain." Everyone with intelligence and education leaves to find better jobs and better lives and this area falls by the wayside. I'm not sure if it's true. I think plenty of people value living near their families, living in a place with low cost of living, who are educated and able to contribute. Anyway, I just think it's horrible that A) people are embarrassed that they stayed and B) that people think they're better cause they left. Those of us who stayed have a a big job to do. And those who left - well, good luck :)

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