Monday, November 23, 2009

From the Mom Hat

So Gigi is about to start Potty Training 101. This includes recognizing our bodily functions, introduction to the toilet, seeing what our poop looks like, seeing that poop is supposed to go in the potty and then gets flushed. Toward the end we also start sitting on the potty in the morning and after naps to see if we can pee on the potty! This is followed me acting like an idiot, giving her oodles of praise! This is an intro course so we still always wear a diaper. Potty Training 201 starts circa 18 mos.

So as I'm starting to potty train #3 I'm thinking this should be a breeze. I've trained Evelyn (by 2) and Riley (by 2.5). Evelyn was easy to day-train but didn't night train until around 4. Riley was hard to train (we had some serious issues) but night-trained at the same time she day-trained. But then again ... Who know?! We'll see what Gigi has in store for me.

It's been a long, tiring weekend. Richard has been gone since Saturday morning, so it's been nearly three days of him not helping me. It's actually gone well. But I miss him and I am ready for him to be home.

I'm really, really looking forward to his 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving! That's it. The end.
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Amanda said...

I am also starting with Maryn. She points to the potty and then her diaper, so we sit on the potty sometimes and she's peed in it a couple times, and we put her poop in the potty sometimes, too (when possible!). We don't have a potty chair yet, though! We are going to get one tomorrow.

Rev. David Lawrence said...

The few days off made a world of difference for me. I pray God rejuvenates you!