Monday, November 2, 2009

Depression, Supplements and PMS

I don't care if you're a guy and read this, you just may not want to, lol!

So last month, I had an anxiety attack, I blogged about it pretty openly. I'm not ashamed of it; I've come to grips with the fact that it doesn't make me crazy, but here's the deal: I've decided to explore what's going on with me rather than live in solitary confinement like I used to do in the past!

I also had an anxiety attack in Virginia this summer on vacation and I cautiously noted the similarities. They were:

PMS (both attacks actually occurred on Day 15 of my cycle)
Caffeine (I had two cups of tea on the days, more than my usual one)
Worn-out (When Richard is in school, I pretty much have to be super-Kendra because he really has no time to help me)
Run-down (I had slight colds - upper respiratory)
Tired (More tired than usual, hence the reason I would have two cups of tea!)

So as day 15 of my cycle approaches this month, I'm anxious about being anxious! I'm worn-out, tired, and run-down, so it looks as if my only hope is avoiding the caffeine!

We have all been sick lately. Fevers to colds to who knows what else! Well, last year as I was researching yeast infections (because of Gigi's persistant one) and I discovered the most wonderful thing ever: Collostrum! I don't know if my girls had swine or not, but they all carried fevers for less than 24 hours and caput! No more! I really attribute this to my shoving Collostrum and Activia (probiotics) down their throats (nice Mommy, I know). They love it. And, as this swine thing intensifies I started giving them Elderberry syrup as well. It's yummy in milk.

So, I've really been considering going to the doctor and getting meds for this depression/anxiety/PMS thing I have going, but I thought, if Collustrum and Elderberries can fight Swine Flu maybe there's something for PMS and anxiety. So I got on my good friend Google and did some research. I found an interesting article and I'm going to try a Calcium/Magnesium supplement, Chaste Tree Berry and Omega-3's. I'm also going to detox. Whew! I'll keep you posted.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you found something that might help! Our neighbor just told me that she had gone on anti-depressants for anxiety and instead of her one arm shaking a lot like it used to, her whole body now shakes a little bit and she has other weird side effects. Ugh. Whatever you or anyone reading this takes--be careful and do your research--"natural" or not.

Kendra_Kendle said...

Yeah, I still have to call the naturopathic doctor that I see and ask her. There are potential side-effects to the magnesium and the chaste berry. So I may have bought them for nothing. :/

I may also have to wean Gigi before I can take the chaste berry.