Sunday, November 15, 2009

YW Musings

I've been frustrated with myself lately. I know - KNOW - that you can't measure the success of a ministry based on numbers. But lately I have been. I've been letting the my yw mood be set by how many kids are showing up to things. This is horrible because it's one big crazy rollercoaster. I'm so frustrated with the schools - parents - and everyone else who think that Glee clubs and basketball teams should be - and in their world are - more important than being involved in the church! Just once - I'd like to see a parent encourage his child to miss a practice to go to a youth event! So, so frustrated, and even more frustrated that I am frustrated.

I guess I should say something profound here. Something deep about how God is sovereign, good, and bends everything to His will. But I really, really want to have a flourishing youth ministry. One where teens meet Jesus, grow in their faith, and then share that faith with others. I want something radical. I want other adults to catch that vision and ask what they can do to help. I want to see people thristing for Jesus instead of getting drunk of the wine of their choice. But above all that - I'm just tired.
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Rev. David Lawrence said...

Quantity and quality always battle. It's depressing when we allow the judgment of this present age to impact our ministry. Perhaps that is just what someone (old split hoof) wants to happen. Moaning about what could be distracts us from what is an so our ministry gets less attention than it deserves. This is a trap everyone in ministry struggles with.