Friday, October 30, 2009

It's a Sleepy Day

So, I'm tired. I was up until 2 a.m. last night. I ended up taking Gigi to the ER. Her underarm temp was 100.7 and when I got to the ER her rectal (pleasant, I know) was 101.7. Everything I read online said that you should add one to an underarm temp reading, so that was accurate. I kinda pushed for them to give me a script for Tamaflu because they diagnosed her with the flu, eventhough, they didn't test her and she doesn't have any other symptoms other than a snotty nose that she's had for a month. Her heart rate was slightly elevated, but that's common with a fever.

So, this morning she wakes - 8 hours since her last dose of Motrin - with no fever! Argh. I know they say they don't fever with teething, but she definately is cutting teeth. Here's my dilemma: do I give her the Tamaflu? I did give her Tylenol this morning. I am definately going to get it filled if I can. I think there's going to be a shortage, and I want it on hand. She has not been in contact with anyone who has H1N1 since this past weekend and they say you typically show symptoms within 1-4 days. Thursday night was over 96 hours since she was around Tyler, and 5 days since my uncle Steve and everyone else who ended up with it. No one else in our house has a fever, but none of us have felt great either. Craziness. Flip a coin, I guess!

So, they split Richard's route AGAIN. It's pretty much retarded. He wanted them to because he couldn't keep up, but it's going to be a significant paycut just when he got his pays back up to where they used to be before they split his route last time. I HATE commission jobs! I guess the good thing is that there is much more room for growth.

It's funny to examine the issues people have with money. I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself that God is my provider. That money is something we use to measure earthly pleasures and not eternal happiness. We believe it's very important to be good stewards of our blessings - you know, store during those 7 years of plenty to make way during the 7 years of famine. But I don't know - I know it's easy for me to generous and trust God when we have more than enough, but when things show the least little sign of getting tight, I have a fear that rises in me.

Argh. I hate my sinful self. Grace, grace, grace abounds . . .

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Amanda said...

I would definitely get the Tamiflu filled just in case. I know you're not "supposed to" but I would for sure!