Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Need a Friend

I know the title of this blog may be alarming to those of you who read this because you are my friends. But I've really been thinking a lot lately about how I need a friend. Someone who lives close to me, is a SAHM, perhaps even someone who is going to homeschool. Someone who is definately a Christian. Argh. I'm a very introverted person - I don't need a lot of friends to be happy, but I need close friends - and all my close friends either have jobs or don't live anywhere near me. I also did a poor job of navigating the life adjustment from college to adulthood. In high school and college, you have 24-7 access to your friends. Once you graduate, especially if you don't enter the work-force, you lose that direct access to potential friends. I haven't been making a very intentional effort to find a friend.

But seriously, how do you do that without sounding ridiculous and desperate? It's like asking a boy to go to Sadie Hawkins with you when you're in Jr. High. "Hi! Are you a Christian? Are you a SAHM? Really, tell me more about yourself? Hmmm. . . . you seem like you'll work. Want to be my friend? Want to get together once a week to talk, let the kids play, and drink tea?"

Ah, I've really been struggling with this. All in God's time, right?

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Amanda said...

I made friends with Michele and Teri through word of mouth, Facebook and blogs! Lame, I know, but it works, too. It was kind of like online dating for a while. It came to a point where I wrote to Michele and said, "Ok, we need to do something together in person soon because this is starting to feel like online dating!"