Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feeling Better

Well, I'm technically supposed to be running right now, but between the cold that I have and my asthma acting up it's not going too well. I probably ran about a mile. Now I'm walking along a utility access road in Bellaire waiting for my oil to be changed and my tires rotated. It's a beautiful day. Peak leaf, not too hot, not too cold.

As a was driving into town, trying to convince myself that I was going to be happy today, I started listening to the Lincoln Brewster CD that Richard had in the player. The song that was playing was God You Reign. That combined with my daily devotional helped me regain sight of the fact that God reigns. Despite my fears about what the future might hold, despite my worries about today, despite my personal insecurities, My God reigns! There will be a day where all that I put my hope in will come to be. And right now I'm thankful for that.

The day after an anxiety attack is hard. You're left to struggle with whether your anxiety was justified or if you're just plain crazy. You're physically and emtionally drained. And in my case, overwhelmed by the fact that you still have three children to care for. So thankful right now that we live close to my Mama. I hoped that Richard could take a sick day today, but he was behind on seeing his customers.

I have noticed some striking similarities between this and the last attack (in July) that hopefully will help me in the future. They both occurred during the same time in my monthly cycle, both were within a few days after Richard finsished taking classes, I consumed two caffeinated baverages those days (including chai tea from Starbucks), I was extremely tired both days and a little run-down (hence the need for Starbucks). I also was just discouraged both days; this time because of how poorly my students did on their test.

All the exhaust from the 1 million semi's on this road is not helping my asthma!

This helped too. So glad I started blogging again :D

I could use prayers, friends. Thank you.
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Amanda said...

March 5th through 7th there is a marriage conference in Cinci. It's the same thing we went to a few years ago, and it was good for us. It would be REALLY good for us now. We should all go together. There isn't much time to spend with your couple friends, but there's a lot of time to spend together, and maybe we could stay an extra day or two and sightsee/hang out sans kiddos. We're going to need a vacay after this winter, I think. We're not used to be stuck inside and all that, so I'll probably be borderline crazy by then. If we commit to it now, it will motivate us to save the $$, get Maryn weaned and actually DO IT.