Monday, October 19, 2009


Does anyone else have thoughts that disturb them so profoundly (when contemplating whether they could actually become true) that they get physically sick (vomitting and diareaha)? I'm seriously considering going to the doctor tomorrow.
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Scott said...

Yes. When Kelley and I broke up, I made myself physically sick from thoughts and the crap I couldn't get out of my head. Out of a combined 7 1/2 years I've worked, I've only called off work two days (calling off is different from asking for days off). The first time was when I cut part of my finger off by using a chop-style paper cutter (in high school) and my mom made me call off work that day -I was still planning on going. The second time, was when I was so sick with heartache that I became physically ill and could not make it to work. Although, I know that's quite different from your situation, it's still an example of how emotions or thoughts can impact your physical wellness. Stress can and most definitely will lower your immune system.