Monday, September 21, 2009

Back at It!

So a new quarter resumed today at BTC. This time around I'm teaching Pre-Alegbra. I thought I was going to hate it because, come on, if you're in college and need to take pre-algebra. I figured I'd be spending my time explaining mundane things, over and over again. But really, the majority of my students are adults who haven't taken math for 15+ years and need a refresher. Most of them catch on right away. Once again, humbled. I really like it; there's very little prep; and it looks like I could have some fun with it!

With thay said, between Richard and I, we currently have 6-8 sources of income. It's so crazy, during a time of economic turmoil, we're being blessed so abundantly. Granted, those sources range greatly in pay, and two of them have to do with Richard and music, and I've always told him that the band can spend what the band makes. However, on the same hand, we're definately busy, busy, busy! Richard moreso than me. So, the other day, I sat down and did some numbers, and I figured that if we can keep up with the craziness, we can have all of our debt, but approximately $6000 of our mortgage paid off by the end of May! Talk about motivating! Obviously, I understand that life happens in the mean-time, but I'm hoping for the best. I really want to make God-honoring choices with our finances:) We'll probably crack down for the next 8 months and then enjoy next summer! :)

Okay, that's all I got. I decided to write while waiting on Richard to come to bed; he's putting the girls to sleep;)
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Amanda said...

Great job, girl! It feels soooo good to pay off debt, and it will be sooo worth it when summer comes around! If you go on any trips, I hope you'll include Louisville in the travel plans. :) I'll try to scope out some fun places to visit.