Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Little Reader

So, the trouble with mobile blogging is you can accidently hit send and then can't edit!

It's a beautiful evening, so I'm mobile blogging from my yard as the girls burn off energy jumping on the trampoline. I haven't blogged for a week or so, so I thought an update was due. It's actually way past due, so here it is!

Evelyn, my genius little four year old is reading! It's awesome. I decided against preschool. Richard and I have talked a lot about homeschooling, so I decided that I'm going to homeschool Evelyn for at least pre-k and k. Her birthday is August 2nd, so since she misses the cut off date by 2 days, I just decided to do K with her a year early. If we can't do it, I'll send her the next year, and she'll be right on track still! So far I really enjoy it, it's so rewarding to watch her learn and grow!

This should actually be a Conversations with Evelyn piece, but I'll write it here. The other day my dad and Richard's dad were sitting out in the yard and Evelyn was holding herself. When my dad asked her if she had to pee, she replied, "No, I have allergies." Hmmm. . . Maybe I should focus on giving my kids a bath more often!

Riley hasn't hit any major milestones recently, but I feel obligated to write a sentence about her. :) She has been talking more and more, and can speak her mind quite well!

I can't believe how much more you can get done with 3 kids. They really do play together the majority of the day. It's amazing!

Gigi's new favorite word is "NO!" She tells it to me often, and really enjoys asserting herself! Her current goal is to run (away from me) and not fall down!

Richard had a job interview yesterday. We're fairly confident that we're going to take it if offered. There's a potential to make a lot more $$$ than there is with Cintas, and we would really like to build our house without borrowing any $$$. The first year seems like it might suck. Several weeks of Richard being away training, and then a good bit of traveling after that to establish customer base. So again, we're waiting!

I could talk about my job, but that would be annoying since it currently stinks! Pray that I make wise decisions! I really need to make wise decisions. I am really excited about some of our programming that's going to kick off this week, as long as I'm allowed to do it. Apparently, there's something in the Bible about people having to be all things to all people and something else about having to be a member of the church before we're allowed to minister! Please note the extreme amount of saracasm there!

Mom thoughts: so recently, I put my life on a schedule. A written out, detailed schedule, that is still flexible. I was always opposed to doing this, but I'm really finding my life more simple, and relaxed! It includes the basics: devotional, meals, exercise, work, house work. The only trouble I've had with it so far is getting up at a set time. I enjoy sleeping in, and am used to getting up with whatever child wakes me first. But in order to get everything in each day, get dinner on the table by 5:30, and have time to be flexible, I need to get up at 7:45 each day. I've yet to make it!

Well, this post has been long enough! I will reemphasize that we could really use prayer in the areas of my job, and Richard possibly changing jobs! Thank you, friends!
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Kalyn said...

If you don't mind me asking, why did you decide against pre-school?

I also have yet to understand the homeschooling idea. My point of view is I have to work and sending Makenna to school all day will save me a ton of money on daycare. Plus it will allow her to have interactions with other kids.