Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding Weekend!

We are on our way back from my brother's and his new wife's wedding weekend. Wow! Did we have fun!

We started off the weekend on Friday morning by going to Fort Rapids, an indoor water park and resort. It was awesome! The kids loved it and it was some great R&R after some high stress days of getting everything ready to disappear for a weekend. Riley was my most adventurous child and enjoyed the waterslides a lot. I was really impressed with how well it catered to all ages. Richard and I loved the adult slides and the girls had a blast in the babypool area. We stayed there until Saturday afternoon, when we left to check into the wedding hotel, The Columbus, a Reniassace Hotel.

It was fancy schmancy. Luggage carriers and valets. Woohoo! My parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at a small Italian restaurant called Trattoria Roma, I highly recommend it if you are ever visiting Columbus. It was very nice.

Then Sunday was the big day. I'm so thankful for Kayla helping Richard with the girls because I was so busy getting my hair and make-up done and attending to the bride per my bridesmaid duties that I didn't see them all afternoon! We were almost ready to get ready to go down the aisle and I heard Evelyn wailing, I went upstairs and she was upset because my mom was seated already and she wanted to walk down the aisle with her. So needless to say, Evelyn didn't walk, but Riley pulled through like a tropper! Who would have thought!

The ceremony was beautiful and with the exception of Evelyn's fit, it all went off without a hitch. I really enjoyed the remarks by the pastor; although, I can't remember much of it now. The reception was a blast. Hands down the most fun I've had at a reception since my own! We really enjoyed ourselves.

A salute to Seth and Liz, here's to a lifetime of love!


Amanda said...

A salute to YOU! Being in a wedding is so hard as a mommy!

Amanda said...

I saw some pictures on line and you looked amazing!

Kendra said...

Thank you!