Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conversations with Evelyn, Part V and a Bonus Quote

Me: "Evelyn, you're adorable, too."

E: "No, I'm not."

Me: "Why?"

E: "Because in this life, you don't always win."

(I'm not sure if I should post this one, but I'm going to anyway).

Richard on CNN: "Can we change the channel now? They're getting a *** talking about Obama."


Anonymous said...


Kendra_Kendle said...

Yeah, funny stuff:)

Amanda said...

I think Evelyn should have her own blog!

Kendra_Kendle said...

She probably should. I asked her later where she learned that and told me, "School of Rock." Then told me to read between the lines. At that point, Richard officially said she's not longer aloud to watch that movie.