Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 Thoughts

1. So I'm teaching again this quarter and it's great! I always thought that I would like teaching college, and I was right: I love it! I really hope it's something I get to keep doing. My students this quarter are probably more typical than last, and I have 20 this quarter versus 7 last. So I'm really thankful that I taught the class once before because it would be hard keeping up with that many students.

2. So what makes young adults inable to communicate effectively? I want to know both as a teacher and a youth director. It's so important to be able to be your own advocate, and I feel that so many young people don't know how to be.

3. Evelyn said something really funny last night and I can't remember what it is right now: that's called mom-nesia Hopefully, Richard will remember and I'll post it later.

4. It's Holy Week. Growing up this was one of my favorite weeks. We literally had church activities/services for four straight days. Maundy Thursday: passover meal. Good Friday service: a reminder of the crucifixtion, this was always intense. Saturday: Easter Egg hunt. Sunday: sunrise service/breakfast/regular service. So of my fondest memories are from this time.

5. It saddens me that most people would be put-off if we required this much of their time now-a-days. How dare the church impose on people's lives?!

6. I'm really excited about doing this on the leadership retreat I'm planning this summer: hockinghillscanopytours.com

7. Even though Amanda and John aren't going to be in Ohio this summer, I'm really excited about them moving to Louisville. When I was planning on going to seminary there, I really loved the city. It will be nice to have an excuse to go visit there. I'm also excited about them only living 5 hours away:)

8. I'm also really excited about how some of the ministries I'm involved with are progressing, if I can use that word. It seems like some people are finally getting excited about being part of the church.

9. Our van is broken, and I'm hoping it doesn't cost too much to fix. I hate it when things interfer with my get-out-0f-debt plan.

10. However, the plan is looking good! With Richard starting classes here soon, we'll be banking the left over GIbill money, which will excellerate my plan. (Insert evil laugh here). I just hope he can keep up with his classes with every thing else that's on his plate.

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