Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night we went to Maundy Thursday services at Coalbrook. It was progressing as usual . . . Riley was running around, playing hind-and-seek in the pews, going up front to get a better view. Evelyn was trying to be good, but really wanted to play with Riley. And Gigi, God bless her, was being her usual sweet-natured self.

Then came time for communion. (We let our children take communion, which is a different story and I'll let you know why if you care, but anyway). Evelyn got her bread and ate it, and said, "Umm, this is good." The result: Richard and I laughed through the rest of it. And for some time, I'm probably going to laugh during communion. This is why:

A conversation taking place at our last youth outreach event at Calvary:

Richard: So did you guys like this? What do you want to do next time?

A (an 8th grade boy who is stinking hilarious): Oooo, Can we have breakfast food next time? (All boys this age think in food).

All the kids: (Agreeing, liking that idea).

A: No! Communion bread!

S (a college age helper): Yeah! Communion bread is so good. We can make it and just not bless it!

Tears are seriously coming to my eyes right now. So funny.

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