Sunday, February 14, 2010


I just watched Julie and Julia, a fantastic movie about a girl blogging about herself and Julia Childs. It's really good, anyway, it has gotten me into the writing mood. A contemplative mood. It's been a while since I've blogged and now I can think about 3 different pieces I'd like to write.

Youth Ministry. Today we had youth group. I have 3 students who are active in our senior high youth group. That is about 30% of the senior high students in our church, so I would guess that is actually a decent percentage. However, today we had youth group and not one of them came. This isn't uncommon - in such a small group - they often coordinate absences. However, this year we combined our jr/sr high group and I had to deliver my message, that was very much written with them in mind, to the jr highers. And won't be able to repeat it anytime soon, in that setting! This is just a frustration I have with doing ministry in a small church. It was a good message, an inspired message, and I wish I had recorded it.

Garbage. I have a pretty strict rule about not blogging or FBing negatively about my husband or children. This isn't to be fake and act like my marriage and home life is some utopia, but rather because I wouldn't want them doing the same about me. So I hesitiated to write this thought, but I figured it could be a chance to be transparent and to perhaps teach a lesson. Richard and I probably get into a good fight at least once a week. And I fight much, much dirtier than Richard ... It really is an area I struggle in.

One thing we fight over frequently is ... Garbage. Literally garbage. Growing up my dad always took care of the garbage. He really didn't do any household chores other than that. So it maybe it is wrong of me to just assume that the garbage (and recycling) should be Richard's job. After all, I cook, clean, do laundry, do dishes, budgeting/ bill pay, schedule appointments, all while working 2 jobs and looking after our 3 children! Okay, I'm playing "woe is me" a little bit. Richard does help with some of those things, some of the time, and he works full-time, goes to school full-time, and then some, but all I want him to do is take out the freaking garbage!!! Actually, he does usually take it out without being asked even... It's usually the recycling that piles up until I can't open the utility room door w/o it cascading upon my head. (Okay, I'm exaggerating again, sorta).

You get the picture. :) More later, duties call.
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