Friday, February 26, 2010

Thankful for a Board Game

Last night we spent the evening with Richard's aunt and her sons, Jake and Cole. Jake is 15 and Cole is 13.

Rewind: when we were packing, I thought to throw the game Settlers of Catan in our bag. It's a fun stratagy game, that I highly recommend!

Fast forward: we arrive at their home yesterday and Jake was excited to see us and greeted us cheerly, but that lasted about 15 minutes and he realized that Richard wasn't the fun big cousin that Jake remembered from when he was little. Richard totes along diaper bags and Dora videos, and a bossy 4-year-old. He quickly migrated to his room where he picked up the Xbox Live controller. Cole is still young enough that he didn't mind playing Easter Egg hunt with Evelyn. Later that evening Linda was telling us how distant Jake has grown from her and Tom. He definately has become a typical young teen. So after dinner and visiting and getting the girls settled, I suggested that we play Settlers with Jake and Cole. It was great, and I'm so glad we did. I was never so thankful for a simple board game.

I also forgot (on here) to wish Riley a happy 3rd birthday. That's probably because I'm in denial. She's still my baby. Happy Birthday Riley!

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Amanda said...

I was so thankful for the board game Loaded Questions--it's a great game to play with teenagers and pre-teens because they can be as goofy or serious as they want to be. We have a hard time getting Sara to play strategy games like Settlers. :)

Kendra_Kendle said...

Yeah, it's not a good game for everyone, but I knew Jake and Cole's personalities and I knew they would like it, and they did. Tyler doesn't like to play it, which is a bummer for us. lol.

I was also introduced to suburban young teen life. The boys would get home from school and run out to hang out with all the neighborhood kids. It was weird - to me.