Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the road, again...

This weekend, we had an awesome opportunity to visit with some great friends from Japan. Well, they're not from Japan anymore, they live in Chesapeake VA and we met them for a weekend of snow in Canaan Valley WV. Woot. It was awesome, ice-skating, swimming, amazing buffets and skiing for the guys. Chuck and Kevin (16) and Richard and Tyler (my brother, 13) had a great time on the slopes. Marcia and I taught Evelyn and Riley to ice-skate, and they didn't do half bad for their first time. Evelyn had a chance to learn to ski, but she didn't like it! Gigi also went ice-skating but in her shoes. It was so cute.

This is the second time I've seen them this year (Richard's third), which is an amazing blessing, since we went 3 straight years with no visits! When we visited the Ellis's this past summer, we decided to plan something soon because 3 years was too long!

We also stopped on out way home and had dinner with John-Mark Stone, Camp Presmont friend, and that was wonderful. It's such a reward to see a young man who loves God and seeks to please Him! Blessing, blessing.

I'll try to post pictures on FB soon of our weekend adventures!

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