Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to Christian Educators workshop that our Presbytery CE director put together. There were just a few people there, and we were sitting around talking during dinner. I get so sick and tired of hearing people in our churches whine about apathy amoung current members and stagnant growth in our churches. AND HOW THEY DON'T FEEL THERE'S ANYTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Ah! Quit whining!!!!

Here's a provoking thought that just popped into my head: do you when I'm most effective in ministry? When I'm excited about my faith!

There you have it, advice from Kendra: Stop whining and get excited!

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Rev. David Lawrence said...

I love your advice. Some pretty scared folks-scared of risk, scared of change....much easier to whine.