Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mr. President

I wish President Obama could hear the ordinary conversations that people have everyday. For example, Richard and I had this conversation almost word for word yesterday:

R: I'm really starting to hate Obama.

K: Oh my gosh! I was thinking the same thing earlier today. My dislike has moved to borderline hatred. And when I realized that I started praying that God would change my heart because I know we're supposed to love our enemies.


Rev. David Lawrence said...

Why are you not liking the pres.?

Kendra_Kendle said...

You mean besides his pro-choice, socialist agenda? LOL.

I know in theory "big" government sounds like the answer, but it's not. The problem with it is that it depends on the whims of whoever can manipulate the most voters. And the trouble when you get a charasmatic leader like Obama is everyone jumps on his bandwagon before they think.

I translate personal finances to national . . . and the one thing I know, know, know is that debt will enslave you! There are three ways for the government to generate money to pay for all of this stuff . . . raise taxes (no thank you), sell bonds (aka debt), and print more money (aka inflation, again, no thank you). I'm not opposed to spending money; I'm opposed to spending money we're going to generate from increased taxes and IOU's.

I also get slightly bitter that Obama wants to help all the irresponsible people out there who borrowed a bunch of money they couldn't afford, and deam them victims. Greedy banks + Stupid people = economic crisis. We're helping the very people who made the whole mess!

And . . . did you know he just mandated that our overseas troops are not permitted to share their faith?!

Leaders like Obama teach people two things: they're entitled to their American Dream, and we're not capable as a nation to do what is "right" and therefore, need a savior/leader in the form of a president to make us!

I'm going to join Joel Salatin's political party (that doesn't really exist) called the Liberatarian, Environmentalist, Christian, Capitalist Party.

Joel has written several books, so if you don't believe me about how much the government controls our lives, read War Stories from the Homefront, Why Everything I Want to do is Illegal. Also read Michael Pollen's Omnivore's Dillema. That one is a little off course, but it's a good book and shows how much we rely on the government to take care of us.

Sorry for the rant :)