Saturday, May 30, 2009

Conversations with Evelyn, Part X

First, you should know that Tyler is my 12 year old brother and that Evelyn has my speed dial numbers memorized so she can call people. This morning she was trying to get a hold of my mom.

E: She's not answering.

Me: Are you using my phone? (Richard's phone is identical to mine).

E: I'm using my phone.

Me: Your phone?

E: Ya, my phone. You know how Pappy and Tyler share a cell phone? Well, you and I are going to share this one.

She completely made that deduction all on her own. We're so in for it!

Evelyn has been on a kick for the last few months where she wants a real cell phone. I'm sure the kick isn't going to end until we give in in like 10 years. But I find it amusing how early this is starting. The girls in my youth group help her send text messages back-and-forth. And I'm sure as soon as she can start writing, she's going to be using my phone to do that as well!

And we do have three daughters! Oh, my.

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Amanda said...

You better update this blog soon!!!