Sunday, January 25, 2009

Conversation with Evelyn: Part III

Prelude: So we come home from church today (it's about 20 degrees outside), and Evelyn has her shoes off. Well, she knows that if she takes her shoes off in the car she has to walk in in her bare feet (she had socks on today). So I start walking in the house and decide to be nice to her and leave her shoes in the van where she can put them on before she comes in.

E: Wait on me!

Me: Hurry up! It's snowing.

E: Duh! (Said in the way that every parent cringes the first time they hear their kids say it).

A few minutes later, Evelyn is knocking on the door. In her socks.

E: It's freezing outside.

Me: Duh!

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