Friday, January 23, 2009


I can't believe I'm writing about this. But I am.

The Sunday morning following Christmas we found lice on Evelyn's head. A lot them. I was trying to calmly tell myself that this was not our fault and that a lot of families have a lot worse things going on their lives and this wasn't going to the worse thing I'll ever have to deal with and I could handle three kids, three and under and wash and clean our entire house and van and get it all done while starting a new teaching job and continue to keep up with my job at the church. (The run sentence was intential to demostrate how I was actually thinking). Then I spazzed out.

Literally - ask Richard.

So after all of that, I felt like we hadn't gotten rid of them because my head was still itching. But Richard refused to check my head anymore because he insisted I was being paranoid. But, I wasn't. Last Saturday I was fixing Evelyn's hair and found them! Again! Repeat the spazzing out process.

So tomorrow we will retreat for precautionary purposes. And I will pray that they don't return.

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Rev. David Lawrence said...

Our kids got lice and I FREAKED! On top of that, these were persistent buggers and wouldn't go away.

Come back to the Bethlehem blog any time! ;-) It's a foreign word to a lot of folks in the Valley.