Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am definately lax in my blogging, which may serve as an idea of what the rest of my life is like. Ah! I have to admit that I never finished Mere Christianity. I also have to admit that while I stayed with the first two books, the third started going over my head, and I veered away from it. I also haven't been doing my scripture memorizing or yoga! And those are supposed to be my top two priorities. Well, besides making sure my kids get fed.

I guess I should put a disclaimer in here that the reason yoga is so high on the priority list is because I've learned that I'm a better wife, mother, youth worker, etc. when I'm in physically good shape. So it's a priority that I have in order to meet my other priorities.

I can partially blame the lice, which I think are finally gone! I spazzed out completely.

So here I am: wondering why I have no self-discipline. Back to my beginning blog making my spiritual life a priority in order to nurture the spiritual lives of others. Grrr. I am so thankful that God's grace is sufficient for me.

I am excited though that our home church started a devotional series entitled Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, so I will be blogging about it some! I'm going to be leading a group on radical hospitality: which is really one of my spiritual gifts:)

At the church where I'm the youth leader, we've also implemented a ministry team (I know that we should have had one for ions) and have some exciting stuff going on there. My honest prayer for all of these things is that I'll find someplace (that exists outside of cyber-world) where I can have authentic friendship, fellowship and accountability.


Kendra_Kendle said...

My only complaint about the Five Practice study is that it's annoyingly Methodist:)

Rev. David Lawrence said...

We are doing the Five Practices at Bethlehem, but in a much different format than Coalbrook. I'll be interested to hear you thoughts about the process. David and I have intended to get together and chat, but schedules have prevented that.

I was interested that you posted on my blog about the church members caring for each other and the importance to you, I guess, of doing that. I am struggling with how much the church is called to care for members and how much of our energy needs to be pointed outward. Unfortunately, to many church members in the valley caring for the membership means preserving or returning to the glories of the past, and that is a pull from which we need to escape. And not only us buy the denomination in general.

On a tangent...are you on facebook? Have you ever hear of presbymergent?