Friday, January 23, 2009


I hate titles. Sure we all have them: some of them we're proud of, some of them we're ashamed of, and others of them we'd like to trade for a day!

The truth is: I am a liberal. I believe that we should give people a hand up, rather than a hand out; hence, liberating them. I believe that unborn children should have the liberty to be born. I believe that people who sin, should have the freedom to do so. I believe that people burdened with guilt, should also be freed through forgiveness. I believe women, wives, and mothers should be free from having to be slaves to low-paying, unrewarding jobs, so that they can stay home and raise their children if they want to. I believe that God made this earth, and we should cherish it and preserve it until Christ comes home to take it. My relationship with Christ liberates me so that I may share that liberty with others.

For those reasons, I am proud to be a liberal.

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