Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Computer

Apparantly, it was just the unbelieveable slowity of our OLD computer that made our internet so slow.

Today, I was trying to do something and it was taking so long that I gave up, called Richard and told him I was buying a new computer, today. So after making sure I had enough money, I called Best Buy to see what they had.

I kid you not: we got an HP notebook, that had everything we needed $100 off and go a free Wii with it! WooHoo! It really was an incredible deal (designed for college students going back to school, I'm sure). Richard is a little peeved that I'm saving it to give the girls as a Christmas present. How awesome is that?! I got their "big" gift for free! The sales rep (young, college aged guy) also kept emphasizing that it came with Wii sports, apparantly that we exciting to him. LOL.

Long story short: Hopefully, I will be blogging more that I have a computer that actually works faster than a turtle :)

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