Friday, August 21, 2009

Highlights from my Life

No time to write a lot, but thought I'd give some highlights:

My bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding, which is 16 days away, is too tight. I can get it on, but I need to drop 5 to 10 pounds. Pronto. This has influenced a lot of my life lately.

Dieting. I would rather work-out for two hours a day than diet, but at this point, I don't have time to exercise that much and calorie cutting was going to be the only way to do it. Sucks. I'm not too happy.

Exercising: has become my number two priority. 30 minutes for three days, day off, today I start 40 minutes for three days, day off, 50 minutes for three days and I'll hold steady from there. I did a kickboxing video two days ago that kicked my butt. I'm still sore.

Work. I've been swamped lately. Revamping programs, pleading cases, glad for a break in programming as I give the kids a few weeks off to get settled into school. I wrote a report, which helped me process feelings and organize my thoughts . . . so the stress level is back down!

My family. The girls are growing like weeds. Gigi is walking, and turns 10 months old today! Evelyn is starting to write letters. Riley is trying to keep up with Evelyn, she wants to be four and take dance lessons too! They are inseperable . . . it's too cute.

My house: is a mess. Wonder why? I have to clean it today since I'll be having company tomorrow. We're baking cookies (MAJOR TEMPTATION) for the wedding.

Richard. He's extremely busy. Too busy, I wish there was something I could do to lighten his load. But the band is his dream, and we have to pay our bills. So it's work, Affix, and school for him. He's good at setting aside time for us; so thankful that there isn't a TV in our house!

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