Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Political Ramblings

So I'm a Republican. The more I understand what the different parties stand for the more I realize that I'm almost as Republican as one person can be. One may think this is because I'm a moral conservative, but it really doesn't have much to do about that. Here's why I'm for the GOP:

1. Why does our government get to own words? Retarded. ORGANIC anyone? Oh, wait, can I even say unless the USDA says it is?

2. Why can't we go out and hunt wild game whenever my family needs food to eat? I understand that certain parties would take advantage of this . . . but landowners should have certain rights.

3. I pay to fix up my property - invest in it - work hard to make it what it is - and then have to pay more property taxes to pay for children of welfarians to get an education. Step back and think about how much of our lives the government controls our lives. It's scary.

4. I believe in hand-ups - not hand-outs. I have experienced absolute, desolate third-world poverty. And I saw happy children in the midst of it. The truth is people who are given things without having to work for them feel entitled. ENTITLEMENT LEADS TO UNHAPPINESS!

5. Richard and I responsibly borrowed money and live in a basement! We have three children and live in a two bedroom 850 sq. ft. flat roofed basement (that I really do love) because we were RESPONSIBLE. And now we're going to pay (through either higher taxes or inflation) for all of those other people who bought houses that they couldn't afford. I AM BITTER!

However, today I got a taste of some good that can out of government aid. I was talking to a student at the school where I teach. I'm guessing she is 30-something. A divorcee, with two pre-teen girls, she also has a young son with her current boyfriend. She had two other children who died during or right after childbirth. And last year, she had cancer. Her boyfriend who finished his degree while he stayed home taking care of their son and her when she was being treated for cancer, can't find a job, so he's taking care of the little boy while she goes to school. Where would she be if it wasn't for some of the programs we have to help families like hers? But more than I feel sorry for her, I respect. She works so hard.

By the way, I'm not opposed to taxes. I gladly pay them:)

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