Friday, July 3, 2009

From the Road

We've knocked about one hour off of our 8.5 hour trek to Virginia to see some old Navy friends. We're pretty excited about it. Of course, I already have to pee but I'm going to hold off telling Richard for a little while longer. Riley is sleeping, Gigi is being really good, and Evelyn is munching on some crackers. I feel bad for them; poor unsuspecting souls in regard to how long we're going to have them sitting in their car seats.

Ooo. Crossed what I believe is the Monhengehela river. Forgive the spelling. I mean who really knows how to spell that anyway.

So on to some more, what I think anyway, are more interesting thoughts. I have a crack where my pinky toe meets my foot, on both feet. They hurt. I think it's from doing a lot of yoga recently. I've been doing a lot of yoga because I'm trying to look half decent in my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding in two months. Sigh. I wouldn't care so much if all the other bridesmaids weren't a size 6 and under. But regardless, I needed to start getting back into yoga because I would like to eventually get my certification. It's part of my dream job - life coaching.

So it's been way less than two hours since we've left, and I can barely hold the pee! Maybe I'll look for the next starbucks!
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