Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That mom . . .

They have arrived! I always swore to myself I would not be one of those mom's . . . but the moment Riley was born; I became one. I am talking about the mom who dresses her little girls in matching outfits, of course. I decided that the moment you have your second daughter, it's this compulsion that cannot be undone.

But when Gigi arrived, a problem developed . It's nearly impossible to find matching or even coordinating outfits in infant and toddler sizes. Thankfully, there is the internet. (I also try to buy things made in the good ol' USA). So I found this website: Eek! She even makes matching doll outfits! The clothes I ordered are sooo cute! It's too pricey for every day clothes but perfect for Christmas gifts.

There are even matching mom clothes and dad ties! I didn't go this far, but I probably will for our next family portraits. Sorry Richard:)

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